D’iMages Video

The people behind D’iMages games have had a very successful music video company with the same name, D’iMages. From 2001 to 2011 D’iMages Video has produced a number of Live DVDs, Video Clips, video interviews, bonus DVDs and video trailers for rock artists world wide.

This page provides an overview of the the major video projects and, where possible, we present the results. If you are interested in the achievements of the creative team behind D’iMages games, check out the video projects.

In 2011 it was decided the stop the video activities. The music industry is going through rough changes and this leaves very little room for a creative video company to work in.

Guilt Machine – Album trailer

Arjen A Lucassen, the progrock opera genius, has worked with D’iMages for several video projects. D’iMages created the bonus DVDs for the Ayreon project “The Human Equation”, “Actual Fantasy (Revisited)”, “01011001″ and “TimeLine” and made the video clip for “Day Eleven Love”. Also the bonus DVD for GUILT MACHINE and the live DVD for Stream of Passion were created by D’iMages.

What I particularly like about D’iMages is their unbridled enthusiasm. They really like their job, and they do it because they like it, no other reason. They also possess the creative ideas and the technical know-how to make it work. In short, the kind of people even a hard-to-please-pain-in-the-ass like me likes to work with, and I can safely recommend anyone working with them.

Nemesea – “No More” video clip

Nemesea is a Dutch alternative metal/alternative rock band, formed in September 2002 in Groningen, The Netherlands by vocalist Manda Ophuis and guitarist Hendrik Jan de Jong.

For the track “No More” the band needed a video clip, on very short notice and on a non-existant budget. The Video clip was shot (in half a day) & edited by D’iMages and proved very popular (>200.000 views) on YouTube.


D’iMages made the double DVD “Ending Themes on the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation”. One disk holds the concert recorded in Amsterdam in 2007, recorded and edited by D’iMages. The DVD entire production was a huge undertaking, one disk has over 100 menu’s, a quiz, hidden features and even a special private hell. Despite the complexity, no problems were ever discovered in the final result.

It should be noted that the band took extra care in designing the theme of this release, putting it out in the disguise of being a television series. There are hilarious snippets of fake reviews on the back, credits structured like a film poster, and even a front cast/band member listing that introduces them as starring “in the groundbreaking series that won something twice.” At the beginning of the disc, five disclaimers appear in the band’s attempt to make the listeners clear of their opinion that nobody gets to speak their mind freely anymore on film.

Omnia – “Alive” video clip

Omnia is a self-described “neoceltic pagan folk” band based in the Netherlands and whose members over the years have had Irish, Dutch, Cornish, Belgian and Persian backgrounds. Their music takes on the form of various cultural routes, from places around the world such as Ireland, England, Cornwall and Persia.

They sing in English, Irish, Breton, Finnish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Latin and Hindi and play Celtic harp, mouth harp, hurdy gurdy, bodhrán, guitar, bouzouki, didgeridoo, flutes of all kinds, bagpipes, various drums and percussion instruments.

D’iMages have worked with OMNIA for several projects. Below the impression of their 2009 performance on Castlefest with the song “Alive”

Spock’s Beard – “LIVE” DVD

Spock’s beard gave a stunning performance on may 25th 2007 in “De Boerderij”, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands and D’iMages where there to capture it all on video. It was ‘a perfect day’ where we listened to ‘the mouth of madness’, ‘cracked the big sky’ like a real ‘slow crash landing man’ only to ‘return to whatever’ by ‘surfing down the avalanche’ and that was only the start, it got better… way better.

The DVD was recorded, edited and authored by D’iMages and released by InsideOut Music in June 2008. Reviews were extremely positive and the DVD was very well received by the fans.

DWB – “Cheers Lads”  DVD

Damian Wilson is a singer known in the progressive rock genre. He is most known as the lead singer of Threshold, and also provides vocals for bands Headspace, Star One and Maiden uniteD.

Damian was lead singer for Landmarq and recorded four non-Progressive singer-songwriter solo studio albums (Cosmas, Disciple, Live in Rehearsal and Let’s Start a Commune). Aside from performing as a solo artist, he has often performed with several guest musicians as the Damian Wilson Band. The last DWB tour was filmed and released on DVD by D’iMages.

Besides a full length live concert, the DVD features a very extensive documentary recorded in London and Cornwall, where Damian takes the viewer on an intense and moving voyage, though his live, loves and music.

The triple DVD “Cheers Lads – 20 years of avoiding a job” was recorded, edited, authored and published by D’iMages. The project was partly funded by a crowd Funding campaign. It was the first experience of D’iMages with crowd funding and has been very successful.


D’iMages contributed to many projects, with many bands and performers from many parts of the world. This list is not complete and contains only released productions. We’re damn proud of what we have created:

  • After Forever: My Choice (Video clip)
  • After Forever: Digital Deceit (Video clip)
  • Ayreon: The temple of the Cat (home made video clip)
  • Ayreon: Day Eleven: Love (Video clip)
  • Ayreon: The Human equation (Bonus DVD)
  • Ayreon: Actual Fantasy Revisited (Bonus DVD)
  • Ayreon: 01011001 (Bonus DVD)
  • Ayreon: Timeline (Bonus DVD)
  • Castlefest: 2007 (DVD)
  • DIAL: Beautiful (Video clip)
  • DIAL: Zero degrees below (Video clip)
  • DWB: Cheers Lads (DVD)
  • Floor Janssen: Get Floored (DVD)
  • Guilt Machine: Teaser (Video Clip)
  • Guilt Machine: On a Perfect Day (Bonus DVD)
  • HDK: System Overload (trailer)
  • Klaus Schulze: Rheingold (DVD)
  • Klaus Schulze feat. Lisa Gerrard – Dziekuje Bardzo (DVD)
  • La Ventura: Trefoil (Video clip)
  • Neal Morse: Sola Scriptura and Beyond (DVD)
  • Nemesea: No More (Video clip)
  • OMNIA: Pagan Folk Lore (DVD)
  • OMNIA: Alive (Video Clip)
  • OMNIA: Wolflove (Bonus DVD)
  • OMNIA/SCUM: Bold Fenian Men (Video clip)
  • Pain of Salvation: Ending Themes (DVD)
  • Rapalje: Live DVD (DVD)
  • Spock’s Beard: LIVE (DVD)
  • Star One: Live on Earth (DVD)
  • Stream of Passion: Out in the Real World (Video Clip)
  • Stream of Passion: Embrace the Storm (Bonus DVD)
  • Stream of Passion: Live in the Real World (DVD)
  • Symphony X: Paradise Lost (Bonus DVD)
  • You will know us by the Trail of Dead: The Century of Self (DVD)