Bring ‘em Down

The Story

“For years the beautiful island has been a place of plenty. The rich and fertile lands have provided an abundance of resources for the people to live of. Protected by the Guardian from the palace the people lived rich and peaceful lives.”

“But that has not always been the case. In a time long ago the isle was plagued by raids of invaders, coming from the sea. The Shepherd fortified the coast. Erected mighty Watchtowers to protect its people and resources. Furious battles were fought and the Raiders were thwarted.”

“Since then the island was safe and slowly the defences weakened. The mighty Watchtowers crumbled over time, since there was no need to maintain them. Until now…”

“Raiders, barbaric folk coming from less fortunate lands, have found a place to enter the island and build a home base from where raids are made. The Shepherd must rebuild the Watchtowers and defend the island.”

The Game

Bring ‘em Down is a two player, asymmetrical strategy game where the players battle for control of resources on an island. One player plays the role of Raider, attempting to secure resource wells on the Island. The other player plays the role of the Shepherd, defending the resources and attempting to construct Watchtowers that will fend of Invaders.

Type of game

Bring ‘em Down is a strategy oriented game that does involve a random factor. Players have a great amount of freedom each turn and can play according to their own strategy. Movements, placement and actions of game pieces are only restricted by amount.

Confrontations on the board are decided partly by dice, partly by the player (players can influence the result). Event cards change details of the rules and are obtained randomly, but played strategically.

The key to winning the game is to incorporate the unpredictable elements of the came into your strategy or adapt your strategy to the unpredictable elements at the right time. Having a good strategy is important, but allowing yourself to change your strategy to make the most of a situation is crucial.


Game duration

The game can last anywhere from 90 min to 150 minutes, mainly depending on the amount of time the players use to plan their actions. Setup time for the game is less than 10 min (although a large part of the setup is actually already game time).



Board layout

The board, an island, consists of a number of separate parts that the players put together during setup. The layout of the board has literally thousands of possibilities. This number of multiplied by the placements of the mines and villages on the board during construction.

The final board consists of around 90 hex shaped tiles, with 5 different surface types (grass, swamp, rock, desert, forest), 5 mines, 2 villages, and a Raider home base and will look different every game. Your strategy starts when you put together the board.


Winning the game

There is only one win condition, the player who scores 25 victory points (or more) first, wins. Victory points can be scored in various ways, depending on the role of the player.

Besides the Victory Points, gaining and managing your own resources and keeping track of the amount of resources of the opponent have a big influence on the game. The Raider should time attacks to coincide with resource shortage of the Shepherd to have maximum advantage.

The Raider

The Raider is the aggressor in this game. Starting with nothing but a HomeBase the Raider needs to conquer mines on the island and battle the resistances of the Shepherd. The Raider can score victory points by:

  • Conquering a Mine
  • Destroying a resistance
  • Completing missions


The Raider gains resources by:

  • Visiting a Mine
  • Conquering a Mine
  • Destroying a resistance
  • Event cards


The Raider needs resources to:

  • Conquer a Mine
  • Buy equipment

The Raider has one board piece; the Raiding Party. He moves around the island using movement dice (2d6), covering great distances. When the Raider is blocked by a resistance, a confrontation takes place.

The Shepherd

The Shepherd is defending the island, its people and its resources from the Raider. The Shepherd needs to rebuild the mighty WatchTowers to secure the island. The Shepherd can score victory points by:

  • Rebuilding a WatchTower
  • Capture the Raider
  • Completing missions


The Shepherd gains resources by:

  • Automatically, start of each turn
  • Event cards


The Shepherd needs resources to:

  • Build a WatchTower
  • Activate a resistance

The Shepherd places one resistance tile per turn on the board, slowly building supply lines to the crumbled WatchTowers. Once a supply-line is completed, the WatchTower can be restored and the defence of the island is increased.


The resistances that the Shepherd can use consist of traps (snares, bear traps and cages) that can hold the Raider for several turns, animals (wolf packs, crocodiles and vultures) that follow the Raider around, barricades (trenches, walls of fire) that block the Raider and can house army and war towers, giant structures with archers and catapults.

Resistance tiles are placed face-down and need to be activated by the Shepherd by paying resources. When the Raider comes across an activated resistance a confrontation ensues where the resistance and the Raider battle it out. The outcome is determined by dice, attack and defence modifiers and the avoid capture die. The result can be a destroyed defence, a standoff or a capture of the Raider.

The Raider wants to attack resistances in order to break supply-lines or simply get to other parts of the island.



The Raider can buy equipment to increase defence, attack and carry more resources. Buying equipment costs resources.


Event cards

At the start of each turn each player draws an event card. Event cards can be combat (modifying the outcome of a confrontation), resource (gain additional resources), mission (score additional victory points) or general event cards.



Both players can score victory points through Missions, special event cards that details a specific mission within the game, such as creating a supply line of a certain length, destroying a barricade or trapping the opponent for a number of turns.



The mines are the main target of the Raider. Mines produce raw resources, treasured by the Raider. Visiting a mine will give the Raider a one time supply, conquering a mine creates a steady stream of resources.



The once mighty WatchTowers that defended the island have crumbled and the Shepherd will need to restore them. WatchTowers are always found next to Mines. A WatchTower with a supply-line to the capital secures the island and cuts the Raider of from his resources.

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