D’iMages is a creative team that focusses on designing board (or rather tabletop) games.

One of the areas we are focussing on is strategic board games for two players. We have noticed that a lot of very cool games (the ones with many board pieces and adorable artwork) are designed for multiple players. We also noticed that a lot of people who grew up playing D&D in their youth, still like to play games, but find it harder to organise playing in groups (kids, work, distance).

That’s why we started designing two player, tabletop games that are elaborate, have innovative rules and beautiful board pieces. We intend to publish our games through crowd-funding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

You may know D’iMages from our earlier video work (for details check out our Video menu). Yes, it is the same creative team that have been producing video clips and music DVDs for many years, that is now focussing on game design. We bring the same passion and perseverance to game design that we have put into our video career.


With the rise of video games and handheld games many expected that the days of TableTop gaming would be coming to a quick end. But although many video games are great to play (we love Assassin’s Creed and Elder Scrolls) and offer tons of things TableTop games never could, TableTop games are making a comeback. Why?

We think that video gaming is missing one essential part of the gaming experience; actual human interaction. Nothing beats the look on the face of your opponent when you make that devastating move, play that killer card or fumble a die roll. Sitting around a table, looking each other in the face, having fun together, that is what makes TableTop games so much fun.

We like the feel of real dice, cards, tokens, board elements. A table filled with game pieces, drinks and some snacks, that’s what makes a great evening.


When we were young we’ve had many game nights with friends. It was never a problem to get together and play a game. When the kids came the circle got smaller, but kids love games, so no problem there. But after the kids left home to live their own life, often it was just the two of us and a whole bunch of very cool games that didn’t really work with just two players. Of course you get together with your old friends from time to time and play, but it’s not that simple to organise as it used to be.

Recognise this little story? Well we did. We discovered that most two player games are much simpler in design, didn’t come with the many nice board pieces as the larger games do.

What we were looking for was not there in great abundance, so if we were going to design something ourselves, that would be the focus. That doesn’t mean we will never design a game for more than two players, but it is not our main focus.


In the same way as we started our video career we said to ourselves; “Don’t complain, just try to do it ourselves.” And we started designing, play testing, creating something new.

The best way to get respect for a craft is to learn it yourself. The internet is saturated with characters who judge, critic and belittle other peoples creations, but never display any creative talent themselves. We believe in the power of the creative mind.

And why games? We have been playing al kinds of games and love the dynamics, the storytelling, the imagination, the originality, the social interaction of them.


So is D’iMages a company? D’iMages was a (video) company, but we always felt more a creative team. The company makes it a bit easier to earn some money from our efforts. The core of D’iMages video was formed by Angelique & Mirko, the creative team. That same team now focusses on creating cool games.

If you have any questions, if you want to invite us for a demo or if you are interested in publishing one of our games, please contact us.

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